Master of Science (Veterinary Public Health) Program

Master of Science (Veterinary Public Health) is a master's curriculum recently organized by Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety Centre for Asia Pacific (VPHCAP). The curriculum has been developed from core knowledge of the Master of Veterinary Public Health (MVPH) (International Program). The curriculum has been conducted by VPHCAP, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand for more than 15 years. The program aims to produce graduates from Asia countries to have all-round competency in Veterinary Public Health and create the network to control, prevent and resolve diseases caused by epidemic diseases, zoonoses and food hygiene, with an emphasis on quality control and safety of food from animal-origin along the food production including environmental hygiene at regional level. The curriculum encourages the student-centered atmosphere and concentrates on universal knowledge to resolve the problems in their own countries and region. The curriculum also emphasizes on students’ local problem area to carry out research study which will be supervised by professors and experts from Thailand and other collaborative countries. The research strengthens students to practice systematic manner by using Veterinary Public Health discipline in order to further develop the new body of knowledge.

Food Safety Education Series
EP03. When Food "Expires"
Food Safety Education Series
EP02. Is salmon a carrier of COVID-19 to human?

Study Design Workshop and Proposal Presentation of the 8th Batch MSc Students
11-13 February 2020
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Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety Centre for Asia Pacific (VPHCAP) organized “Study Design Workshop” for student in the Master of Science Program in Veterinary Public Health (International Program) Batch 8 during 11 - 13 February, 2020 at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University. The objective of the workshop was to provide knowledge and technical support for the students to develop their proposals for master's theses. After the workshop, the students presented their plans and methodology for research works that will be conducted in this semester.

Global Health Institute - Thailand 2019
5-23 August 2019
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Global Health Institute – Thailand 2019: A 3-week Intensive Training for Constructive Knowledge and Skills Addressing Global Grand Challenges from Convergence of Animal, Human and Environmental Health (5-23 August 2019). This program contains 4 intensive courses which can be tailor-made as your convenience

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