Veterinary Public Health and
Food Safety Centre for Asia Pacific (VPHCAP)

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

About us

Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety Centre for Asia Pacific (VPHCAP)

The establishment of the Regional Centre status for Veterinary Public Health at Chiang Mai University is relevant to the vision of the government that want Thailand being as kitchen of the world. It is also relevant to the strategies of increasing the competition capacity of the country, reinforcing the sustainable development of the country, developing society, solving the poverty of the country, and improving life's quality of the government.

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Who are we?

The centre was established since 2003. We have provided a Master program in MSc(VPH) (former the MVPH program) with more than 80 alumni from 15 countries in Asia, annual seminar/symposium, and 100+ training courses in Veterinary Public Health.


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Master's thesis

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Global food safety news and updates

WHO consultation sets research priorities for monkeypox

WHO  - 3 June 2022
A global research consultation convened by the WHO R&D Blueprint gathered over 500 experts and more than 2000 participants to discuss knowledge gaps ...

Afghanistan: FAO and the World Bank step up their response to the worsening food security

FAO - 13 June 2022
$195 million emergency project aims to provide critical life-saving and livelihood assistance to smallholder farmers.

Better data key to improved food safety

FSN - 14 June 2022
Improving food safety will include using better data, according to the deputy commissioner for food policy and response at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

FAO tries to collect good food safety management practices

FSN - 14 June 2022
A regional unit of the Food and Agriculture Organization and a university in Finland are looking for good practices to improve food safety management.

Chemical hazards in circular food systems

Food-safety - 13 June 2022
Chemical hazards that are present in the environment and agriculture may contaminate food in a circular economy, according to a recent literature review.

World Food Safety Day 2022: Improving food safety in fresh food markets

WOAH - 7 June 2022
The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE) observed World Food Safety Day on 2 June 2022, when staff from WOAH Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific participated in a webinar jointly organized by FAO, UNEP, WFP, WHO and WOAH. 

Food Safety Education

The VPHCAP has provided knowledge on food safety to the general public via a Youtube Channel: "FOOD SAFETY EDUCATION BY VPHCAP".


Personal Hygiene for Food Workers

The VPHCAP developed education media in three languages (Thai, Tai, Burmese) for the workers in food industries. High turn-over rate of workers and hiring of workers from neighboring countries were contributed to food hygienic issues as communication is the main problem between the workers and supervisors. The education media on personal hygiene helps the food facilties  on training their workers for safety of food.



A semiannually e-newsletter has captured half-year activities of the centre and updates of MVPH/MSc(VPH) alumni. Start from 2014, we have produced 14 issues of the newsletter.


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