Master of Science (Veterinary Public Health) Program
[Former Master of Veterinary Public Health (MVPH) Program]

About the program

Since 2003, Master of Science in Veterinary Public Health (International Program) has been conducted by Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety Centre for Asia Pacific, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. The program aims to produce graduates from different countries to have all-round competency in Veterinary Public Health as well as create the international expertise networks such as zoonotic disease prevention and control, and food hygiene, with an emphasis on quality control and safety of food from animal-origin along the food production chain including environmental hygiene in region level. The curriculum encourages the student-centered atmosphere and concentrates on universal knowledge to resolve the problems in their own countries and region. The curriculum also emphasizes on students’ local problem area to carry out research study which will be supervised by professors and experts from Thailand and other collaborative countries. The research strengthens students to practice systematic manner by using Veterinary Public Health discipline in order to further develop the new body of knowledge.

The program is intended to produce high-quality graduate, who is able to:
  1. Apply epidemiological approach to safety of food of animal-origin
  2. Analyze and assess the risk of epidemic, zoonotic diseases, infectious diseases and understand the import goods condition and food hygiene
  3. Have communication and interpersonal relations intellectual skill to control zoonotic diseases according to international practice
  4. Apply the rules and international regulations of Veterinary Public Health with ethics and integrity, and capable to adjust with the dynamic world
  5. Use Veterinary Public Health discipline to resolve regional problems
Overseas partners
  • Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • University of Minnesota, United States
  • Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Japan

Study plan (2-Year course)

A student must complete the minimum of 36 credits as following:

  • Coursework: 24 credits
  • Thesis: 12 credits

The student may be required to take other non-credit courses or conduct additional academic activities, achieving results specified by the university.

Research interests

Veterinary Public Health discipline establishes ongoing research to resolve regional problems, particularly food safety and zoonotic issues based on different situations of students’ home countries and their work experiences, such as microbio-logical quality of food and its products, infectious zoonotic disease, foodborne pathogens, risk analysis, antimicrobial resistance and drug residues, and so on.

Call for Applications: Academic year 1/2023

Submit application documents to and apply online admission at website:

Admission period:

15 November 2022 – 15 January 2023 (Round 1)

16 January - 25 April 2023 (Round 2)

Tuition fee: 5,000 USD/semester (10,000 USD/year)

Available Scholarship

Scholarship offer:

  • CMU Presidential Scholarship (Full fund)

  • Please visit the link

    Qualification of applicants

    1. Eligibility requirement
      • Hold a bachelor degree in Veterinary Science or equivalent
      • Applicants with other related bachelor degree will be considered by administrative committee of Master of Science in Veterinary Public Health Curriculum.
    2. English proficiency
      Demonstrate official proof of English proficiency, dated within the last 2 years
      • TOEFL: 523 (PBT), 523 (ITP), 193 (CBT), 69 (IBT) or
      • IELTS Band 5.5 or
      • CMU-eTEGS: 65
    3. Other qualifications will be considered by administrative committee of Master of Science in Veterinary Public Health Curriculum.

    Application documents
    1. A completed application form
    2. 1 inch, full-face photograph without accessories, less than 6 months old (affixed to the application form)
    3. A copy of the document certifying name or surname changing (if any), or document of marriage registration (females only). In case the name indicated in other document is not similar
    4. A copy of transcript
      • Applicants who have already graduated with a bachelor’s degree must submit two copies of official transcript of bachelor’s degree with grade point average (GPA).
      • Applicants who are studying in the last semester of the Academic Year 2022 must submit a copies of official transcript of bachelor’s degree for all years to the last semester.
    5. A copy of English test results obtained within last two years, such as TOEFL, IELTS, CMU-eTEGS
    6. Health Certificate
    7. A copy of identity card or passport
    8. Two letters of recommendation
    9. A letter of Motivation

    *For more information please contact