Volume: 8, Issue:2
December 2021
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    Volume: 8, Issue:1
    June 2021
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  • Congratulations to 10th Batch MSc(VPH) Candidates
  • Academic publications in 2020-2021
  • Food Safety Education Series Season1
  • Upcoming Activities
  • Alumni Update

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    Volume: 7, Issue:2
    December 2020
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  • Past activities
  • Food Safety Education Series
  • Establishment of Research Group of Veterinary Public Health
  • Introduction of the 9th Batch MSc(VPH) Students
  • Alumni Update

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    Volume: 7, Issue:1
    June 2020
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  • Study Design Workshop and Proposal Presentation of the 8th Batch MSc Students
  • Food Safety Education Series
  • COVID-19 Situation in Thailand
  • 5 Tips Effective Working From Home
  • Alumni update

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    Volume: 6, Issue:2
    December 2019
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  • We have changed the centre's name
  • VPHCAP Board of Directors
  • Introduce new students
  • GHI-Thailand 2019
  • Alumni update

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    Volume: 6, Issue:1
    June 2019
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  • International Training on Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology, Primer Design, Sequences Data Analysis and Phylogenetic Tree Construction
  • Safe Food Production from Farm to Table through Thai and ASEAN Ways Project - Activity 4: Brainstorming Activity of Stakeholders in the Development of Food Production Standardization Systems and the Use to Support Local Production Standards
  • Commencement - 7th Batch MVPH
  • Developing Online Contents for New Experience of Learning
  • Quality Control and Safety in Food from Animal Origin Workshop

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    Volume: 5, Issue:2
    September 2018
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  • Stakeholder Workshop on Food Production from Farm to Consumers Using One Health and EcoHealth Network
  • 7th Batch MVPH Thesis Defense
  • GHI-Thailand 2018 and the 5th Food Safety and Zoonoses Symposium for Asia Pacific
  • Meeting Minute: Communication and Networking among Members Future Direction
  • Alumni focal point
  • Alumni update

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    Volume: 5, Issue:1
    March 2018
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  • Happy New Year 2018
  • VPHCAP Continues to the 15th Year
  • International Training on Geographical Information System (GIS) and Spatial Analysis for Disease Outbreak Investigation
  • 7th Batch MVPH activities
  • Alumni update

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    Volume: 4, Issue:2
    October 2017
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  • Data Management Workshop
  • Culling Practices, Disposal Approaches and Compensation Policies for Poultry Disease Control in Lower Mekong
  • International Training on Basic Gene Cloning, Protein Expression and Purification
  • Announcement of GHI-Thailand 2018
  • MVPH Alumni update

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    Volume: 4, Issue:1
    May 2017
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  • Veterinary Public Health Education Workshop
  • Poultry Meat Safety from Slaughterhouses to Consumers Workshop
  • Global Health Institute - Thailand 2017
  • MVPH Alumni update

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    Volume: 3, Issue:2
    September 2016
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  • The Opening Ceremony of OIE Collaborating Centre for Veterinary Services Capacity Building
  • Introduction of the 7th Batch MVPH
  • The Using of Capture-recapture Method for Biology and Health Study Workshop
  • One Health Approach and Leadership at the Convergence at Animal, Human and Environment - Addessing Early Detection and Efficient Surveillance of the Infectious Diseases Workshop
  • Application of Rapid Method in Food Processing Workshop

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    Volume: 3, Issue:1
    March 2016
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  • The 50th CMU Graduation Ceremony
  • Global Health Institute - Thailand 2016
  • Excellent Center of Veterinary Public Health
  • The AITVM-STVM Conference in Berlin
  • Prof. Karl-Hans Zessin (1947-2016)

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    Volume: 2, Issue:2
    September 2015
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  • CMU-UMN Twinning Exchanges
  • The 4th Food Safety and Zoonoses Symposium for Asia Pacific
  • The 3rd International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interface (ICOPHAI)
  • Announcement for Batch 7th MVPH Enrollment

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    Volume: 2, Issue:1
    March 2015
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  • Global Health Institute - Thailand 2015
    • One Health Leadership & Antimicrobial Resistance
    • Participatory Epidemiology
    • Farm to Table
    • Food Safety Risk Analysis
    • Epidemiological, Economical and Ecological Components for One Health
  • GHI Conference

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    Volume: 1, Issue:1
    August 2014
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  • VPHCAP Policy Brief
  • Global Health Institute - Thailand 2014
  • OIE Twinning Student Exchange
  • Alumni information update

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