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  • Deadline for final revision of abstract for poster presentation and full paper for oral presentation will be until June 7, 2013 at 18:00 (GMT + 7:00) to
      The Veterinary Public Health Centre of Asia Pacific (VPHCAP) has been conducted since 1994 with a vision of international academic and collaborative reference centre in the Veterinary Public Health including food safety, zoonoses and epidemiology. Since October 1996, the collaboration between the VPHCAP, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Chiang Mai University and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Free University, Germany have been generating the Master of Veterinary Public Health joint degree programme (MVPH) 4 generation who has graduated from MVPH programme, include 45 students from 13 Asia Pacific countries. According to the attentive and perceptive hardworking for many years, VPHCAP arranges the 10th year anniversary to reveal the achievement and success of the centre and network cooperation. Within this special occasion, we organized the symposium base on local and international academic activities to generate innovative knowledge, exchange experiences and network communication between expert and academic scientists in Food safety and zoonoses, EcoHealth/OneHealth for further academic cooperation and researches. Consequently, we highly expect the international academic cooperation and new knowledge to improve the analysis and surveillance system.               

Alumni : ASEAN Stepping Forward into One Health Society
We celebrate our 10 year operation with experienced and famous keynote speakers on the global challenges of livestock business and the way forward to be ASEAN Community. The progress and success information of the center will be illustrated through 10 year anniversary VPHCAP Exhibition. Our VPHCAP alumni from over 10 countries are invited to join the “VPHCAP alumni meeting”. The agenda would be a possible joint activity and the contribution of this network to ASEAN.

The 3rd Food Safety and Zoonoses Symposium for Asia Pacific
This symposium will call abstract for oral or poster presentation with a peer-review full paper proceeding. Speakers and participants who are interested in public health including food safety, food and water-borne disease, emerging infectious diseases and other vector-borne or zoonotic disease are welcomed. Keynote speakers will be invited to each session.

The 1st Regional EcoHealth (EH) Symposium; Social and Environmental Dynamic on Human and Animal Health
The EcoHealth-OneHealth Resource centre, Chiang Mai University would like to celebrate this event with VPHCAP through the 1st EcoHealth symposium. This conference will call for abstract for posters and oral presentations, which the full papers will be published in the same proceeding. Outstanding experts will be invited to for a panel discussion on an EH related topic. Researchers and students who are interested onto Ecosystem approaches addressing human, animal and environmental health are invited would be keen to participate in this event.


ASEAN Stepping into OneHealth Society
To collectively celebrate and promote the flourishing success of the VPHCAP by presenting the progressive information and alumni in the last 10 years
To strengthen and sustain the MVPH alumni network with experts, researchers and private sectors and through a collaborative empirical activity and pragmatic ASEAN contribution

The 3rd Food Safety and Zoonoses Symposium for Asia Pacific
To exchange the update knowledge and share OneHealth experiences in public healthincluding food safety, food and water-borne disease, emerging infectious diseases and other vector-borne or zoonotic disease
To contribute the strengthen of Veterinary Public Health in Asia Pacific countries in terms of science and technology for further development, particularly MVPH students and contribute the interesting comments from the experts for encouraging the future corporation

The 1st Regional EcoHealth (EH) Symposium: Social and Environment Dynamics on Human and Animal Health
To demonstrate and disseminate EcoHealth implementation based on multidisciplinary experiences and knowledge sharing, success story, and lesson learn
To nurture integrative research and diffusion of learning speed in human, animal and environmental interaction through a collaborative network among international researchers

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